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Rules of Conduct for Onsite Contractors

These rules shall apply to all Contractors, their employees, and/or their agents who provide services on Intuit's sites. All parties including their respective employees and/or agents shall hereafter be referred to as "Contractor" regardless of actual title. It is Contractor's responsibility to thoroughly orient and instruct its employees and agents with the contents of this policy. These rules are intended to cover standard situations that may arise under the applicable Agreement and Statement of Work. As needed, if the original scope of work changes or becomes more clearly defined throughout the Term, and as non-standard conditions arise, Contractor shall contact Intuit for clarifications and/or exceptions. Contractor, including its employees and agents, agrees to adhere to the following Rules of Conduct:

Policies and Procedures

The following primary background checks will be required for all of Contractor's employees needing a badge or electronic access to Intuit:

Criminal Conviction History Misdemeanor and felony convictions based on 7 years of residence history. Maiden, alias, and other names will be checked. International criminal history (unless unlawful, or unavailable).

Social Security Number/Address History Address information used to determine criminal conviction history checks. International equivalent (unless unlawful, unavailable or not applicable).

Contractor shall provide Intuit with the names of its employees and agents who will be working at Intuit's site. All employees or agents shall sign in at the Intuit reception desk.

Contractor's employees must present the following when requesting a badge to access an Intuit site:

Employee identification badge and picture or driver's license validation.

Written confirmation from Contractor providing the name of the person authorized to enter site with certification of successful background screen.

While providing the Services, Contractor must stay in the area where the Services are required to be performed. In no case shall Contractor tamper with or handle any equipment which does not pertain to the Services.

While Contractor is on Intuit's property, Contractor will maintain strict work discipline.

Weapons may not be brought onto the property (including the parking lot), either on a person or in a vehicle.

Cameras may not be brought to the Intuit site for the purpose of taking pictures, unless approved by the authorized representative of Intuit.

Contractor shall properly instruct all employees and agents in the execution of their Services.

All drivers of Contractor-related vehicles must observe the posted traffic regulations while on the property where Intuit's site is located.

Neither the Landlord of the property where Intuit's site is located, nor Intuit, is responsible for any damage to Contractor's vehicles, regardless of the cause. Intuit will however, make all reasonable attempts to prevent damage to such vehicles from occurring.

Personal Conduct of Contractor

Contractor shall adhere to the same rules of personal conduct governing Intuit's employees, including, without limitation, the following:

No person under the influence of intoxicants, narcotics, or any other mind-altering substance shall be allowed on Intuit's property, nor shall any person have in his or her possession any intoxicant, narcotic, or mind-altering substance.

Unprofessional conduct of any kind or threatening behavior, will not be permitted.

For reasons of safety, legal compliance, and other concerns, smoking is prohibited inside Intuit buildings. Smoking is permitted outside of buildings in designated smoking areas, as approved by site management.

Intuit strictly prohibits sexual harassment or any other type of harassment of any kind, including harassment on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, gender, age, mental or physical disability, medical condition, national origin, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, or other characteristic protected under federal or state law or local ordinance. Contractor shall not harass any other person by verbal, physical, visual means or in any manner.

Contractor must properly dispose of its personal debris, trash, and waste.

Safety Regulations

Contractor shall observe any and all safety provisions of applicable laws and regulations. Contractor shall exercise precaution at all times during the performance of Services in connection with this Agreement and the applicable Statement of Work, for the safety and protection of persons and property by adhering to standard safety rules and accident preventative measures, including, but limited to the following:

Contractor shall provide positive proof of liability and workers' compensation insurance to the appropriate group at Intuit, pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

Contractor shall establish its own appropriate safety, health, and work procedures for the Services being performed and shall enforce these procedures. In the event of a conflict, Intuit's procedures and rules shall govern.

Contractor shall guard machinery and equipment and eliminate any other hazards in accordance with the applicable Safety Orders of the Industrial Accident Commission of the State of California.

Contractor is responsible for ensuring that when not in use, its tools, materials, and equipment are stored neatly, securely, and safely. Intuit is not responsible for the theft or damage to such equipment, although it will do everything possible to prevent such loss from occurring.

Contractor agrees that it will not store its material, tools, and equipment so as to obstruct aisles, stairs, halls, roads, entrances, or exits. At no time shall Contractor's tools, materials, or equipment obstruct the passageways to fire extinguishers or any safety equipment.

Contractor shall provide all necessary barriers, signs, lights, and watchmen, as needed, during the performance of their Services.

Contractor shall provide its employees and agents with approved safety equipment or eye protection, if required in the execution of the Services.

To the extent required by law or necessary to protect the health and safety of Intuit's employees, agents and visitors, Contractor shall ensure that the area of work where Contractor is to furnish the Services is appropriately isolated and posted with clear and conspicuous warning notices advising Intuit's employees, agents and visitors of any hazards that may be associated with the work performed by Contractor hereunder

In the event of any accident or other occurrence resulting in personal injury or illness when Contractor is on Intuit's property, Contractor shall immediately notify Intuit. Upon Intuit's request, Contractor shall provide Intuit with documentation fully describing the accident and injury or illness and the actions implemented to prevent similar occurrences.

Any and all damages occurring during the performance of the Services under this Agreement from whatever cause, shall be borne and sustained by Contractor, and all work shall be solely at Contractor's risk until it has been finally approved and accepted by Intuit.

Release to Environment

In performing Services under this Agreement, Contractor shall not discharge, release or emit, or cause to be discharged, released or emitted, any hazardous or non-hazardous substance into the environment, without the prior written approval of an authorized representative of Intuit's Environmental, Health and Safety Department. If any discharge, release or emission not so approved by Intuit occurs, Contractor shall inform Intuit immediately, shall promptly undertake all reasonable efforts to contain and cease such activity, and shall restore all property to its original condition.

Hazardous Materials

Whenever Contractor uses or stores flammable, explosive, or other hazardous materials or hazardous equipment or uses hazardous or unusual methods necessary for its performance of the Services, Contractor shall exercise utmost care and shall carry on such activities under supervision of properly trained personnel and in accordance with all Intuit policies, programs and procedures related to hazardous materials. Contractor shall not take any remedial action with regard to hazardous materials used in the performance of the Services or enter into any settlement agreement, consent decree or other compromise relating thereto without first notifying Intuit in writing of Contractor's intention to do so and affording Intuit ample opportunity to protect its interests. Whenever Contractor is aware of any of the following actions regarding hazardous materials that are instituted, completed or threatened, Contractor shall immediately notify Intuit, in writing: i) any government or regulatory action, ii) any claim against Contractor or Intuit, and iii) any reports, complaints, notices or warnings of asserted violations to any governmental agency.

Waste Handling

Contractor shall manage, handle and dispose of all wastes generated by its Services, properly and in accordance with all applicable governmental requirements, including those applicable to hazardous waste and all Intuit policies, programs, and procedures related to waste handling. Contractor shall promptly deliver to Intuit copies of manifests or applicable shipping documents reflecting the legal and proper disposal of any hazardous materials that Contractor has caused to be removed from any of Intuit's premises. Except as otherwise approved in writing by an authorized representative of Intuit, Contractor shall not (i) dispose of any waste on, in, under or about Intuit's property or any container thereon, or (ii) list Intuit as a waste generator.

Governmental Permits and Notifications

Contractor shall investigate the need for, and shall procure in its own name to the extent allowed by law, all governmental permits, notifications, approvals and inspections required for the performance of Contractor's Services under this Agreement. Contractor shall promptly notify Intuit in writing if any such permit or approval lapses, or is modified or revoked. If, under applicable law, any such permits or approvals must be procured in Intuit's name, Contractor shall promptly so inform Intuit and shall assist Intuit in obtaining such permits or approvals.


Contractor shall comply with the applicable local, state and federal environmental, health, and safety rules and regulations, including those of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Code of Federal Regulations, and the Safety Orders of the Industrial Accident Commission of the State of California. In addition, Contractor shall comply with all related Intuit policies, procedures and programs that may apply to Contractor's obligation to provide Services under this Agreement and the applicable Statement of Work. Contractor acknowledges and agrees that it is Contractor's responsibility to understand all site policies, procedures, and programs relating to environmental protection, safety and health and to ensure that Contractor's employees and contractors understand such policies, procedures, and programs. Contractor agrees to perform the Services in compliance with, and to furnish only supplies, articles, and equipment that comply with, such laws, standards, regulations, policies, procedures, and programs. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, IF ANY SERVICES WILL BE PERFORMED IN CALIFORNIA, CONTRACTOR EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGES THAT (i) CONTRACTOR IS AWARE OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF CALIFORNIA LABOR CODE SECTION 2810 AND EXPRESSLY REPRESENTS THAT CONTRACTOR'S FEES UNDER THIS AGREEMENT SUFFICE SO THAT CONTRACTOR CAN AND WILL COMPLY WITH ALL APPLICABLE LOCAL, STATE, AND FEDERAL LAWS OR REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE LABOR OR SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED AND (ii) INTUIT MAY AND SHALL RELY UPON SUCH REPRESENTATION.


Contractor shall at all times perform Services under this Agreement and the applicable Statement of Work in a manner to avoid the risk of loss, theft, or damage by vandalism, sabotage or other means to any property. Contractor shall promptly take all reasonable precautions that are necessary and adequate to protect against conditions that involve a risk of loss, theft or damage to its property, Intuit's property, Intuit's Confidential Information as described in the Agreement and the work site. Contractor shall continuously inspect all its work, materials, and equipment facilities to discover and determine any of the above-described conditions and Contractor shall be solely responsible for discovery, determination and correction of any such conditions. Contractor shall cooperate with Intuit on all security matters and Contractor shall promptly comply with any project security requirements established by Intuit. Compliance with these security requirements shall not relieve Contractor of its responsibility for maintaining adequate security, nor shall such compliance be construed as limiting Contractor's obligation to undertake reasonable action as required to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Contractor shall prepare and maintain accurate reports of incidents of loss, theft or vandalism and Contractor shall furnish these reports to Intuit in a timely manner. Contractor is solely responsible for the safety of its own personnel.


Contractor shall cooperate with Intuit in performing Services under this Agreement and the applicable Statement of Work so as to minimize any potential interference with Intuit's other activities, to protect the safety and health of Intuit's employees, agents and visitors, and to safeguard the security and integrity of Intuit's property.

Disputes and Work Stoppages

No dispute between labor organizations and Contractor shall be permitted to occur or be manifested on any Intuit site, and Contractor agrees to employ personnel and other agents for the Services who will work at all times in harmony with Intuit's personnel and other agents. Contractor agrees not to participate in or encourage any cessation of the Services that may occur as a result of any such labor dispute, however Contractor may participate in lawful negotiations. Should there be a stoppage of the Services that involves, but is not limited to, the participation of Contractor's personnel or other agents, or third party actions involving informational or organizational picketing, Contractor agrees to take appropriate and prompt action to provide qualified personnel or other agents to perform the Services. If Contractor is unable to provide such personnel or other agents, Contractor agrees to reimburse Intuit any financial expenses incurred by Intuit in causing the Services to be provided by another.