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Help students unlock their creative confidence using Design for Delight

Give your students the power to tackle life's complex problems through hands-on experience with design thinking.


Features and benefits

Empower students to make an impact

Reframe challenges as opportunities and build the creative confidence needed to design the life they want to pursue.

Build durable skills for the future of work

Learn the most in demand job ready skill that can help students be successful in any career they choose.

Self-paced learning with modular-based resources

Teach an asynchronous course and access tools to bring design thinking into your classroom in a personalized way that works for you.

Depth training workshops and professional development

Enhance your teaching skills by becoming an Innovation Catalyst educator to facilitate teams and coach your students to reach bold outcomes.

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Bring Design for Delight to your students with an online course

Our Design for Delight Foundations course is a free 8-hour online learning path that your students can take at their own pace. You don’t need a background in design thinking to take or teach this course—just a desire to stimulate your students’ minds. The course will help promote creativity, critical thinking, complex problem solving, and collaboration in your classroom. This course is intended for both educators and students to get started with design thinking.

What is Design for Delight?

It’s our unique approach to problem-solving and innovation—our not-so-secret sauce that we’re eager to share with you and your students. More precisely, Design for Delight is a set of principles that gives students hands-on experience in creative problem solving. It gives students the tools to identify big unsolved problems, gain customer empathy, run quick experiments with actual customers, test assumptions, pivot if needed, and much more.

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Deep Customer Empathy icon

Deep Customer Empathy

Create shared understanding, insights, and the motivation to improve the lives of our customers. We gain empathy by observing people where and when they are experiencing pains or problems.

Go Broad to Go Narrow icon

Go Broad to Go Narrow

Focus on what matters most. When we “go broad,” we use our creativity to explore a variety of potential solutions. We “go narrow” by focusing on bold solutions most likely to delight our customers.

Rapid Experiments with Customers icon

Rapid Experiments with Customers

Put our solutions to the test. When we run experiments with real people, we quickly learn what works and what does not, saving valuable time and resources when making our next decision.

Dive into Design for Delight

Design thinking in the classroom

World Economic Forum's Future Jobs Report

Design thinking has become a powerful business language used by many of the world’s most admired companies. It promotes complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and other skills highlighted in the World Economic Forum’s Future Jobs Report

Teaching materials

Teaching toolkit

The toolkit is designed to help you teach the basics of design thinking in an interactive, problem-based format. Choose from a set of materials for a customizable intro to design thinking, for longer-term projects, or both.

Educator training

Sign up to stay informed about upcoming training opportunities to develop your design thinking expertise.

Student resources

Use virtual whiteboard templates on MURAL and access videos to share with your students for additional design thinking learning.

Educator and student success stories

Andres Cardona standing on a basketball court

Look to always improve your product, your service,and yourself. The bottleneck in your business is going to be yourself. So if you're constantly reading, asking questions, and you're constantly improving, then your business is also going to improve.

Andres Cardona CEO Elite Basketball Academy
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We want these kids to be able to fail forward, so that they can be resilient. I really think they're going to transfer these [design thinking] skills to the workforce, and that's going to make for better employees all around. They're going to be able to think more critically and creatively and solve problems.

Kim Reiser Cherry Creek Innovation Campus, Business Services Teacher

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Get your students certified

Support your students' futures by solidifying their design thinking and innovation skills through certifications. 

Intuit Design for Delight Innovator

The certification is a way for individuals to validate their knowledge of design thinking principles and the tools needed to identify problems, gain customer empathy, brainstorm solutions, run experiments, test assumptions, pivot, and much more. This mindset promotes creativity, critical thinking, complex problem solving, collaboration, and other 21st century skills that are much needed in today’s workforce.

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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification

Students who earn the Intuit Design for Delight Innovator certification and Entrepreneurship and Small Business certification will receive the Master Certification in Entrepreneurship. Individuals who receive this certificate will have exhibited an understanding of concepts related to entrepreneurship, small business, and business design.

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Bringing design thinking to life

Help your students turn their big ideas into reality

Learn how Dr. Andy Gold inspires his students and teaches them the tools they need to build the future they want.

Innovation Challenges

Intuit Innovation Challenges invite students to use design thinking to solve global problems. Get notified about future challenges.

Podcast: Empowering Future Success

Don't miss this podcast featuring Intuit's VP of Corporate Responsibility, Dave Zasada, in conversation with Dr. Rebecca Corbin from the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship.