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Prosperity Hub School Districts

Empowering students in underserved and underrepresented school districts with real-world tools and skills through special programs, training, and curricula.


About our programs

The Prosperity Hub School District program includes 21 school districts across nine countries with a combined enrollment of more than 1.6 million students. 

Each district is selected based on two key criteria: economic need and diversity of the student body. Nearly 80% of students in these districts identify as being underrepresented minorities. 

Intuit offers courses like design thinking known as Design for Delight, personal finance simulations, entrepreneurship challenges and educator training to these under-resourced school districts to empower students with the skills they need to build a successful career.


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Education success pillars

Financial Skills

Providing access to real-world personal finance tools for those who need it most, bridging the existing socioeconomic gaps in our communities.

Featuring: QuickBooks, Mint, TurboTax, and Financial Literacy Foundations

Durable Skills

Promoting critical thinking, communication, complex problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity.

Featuring: Design for Delight

Career Pathways

Creating opportunities for students to build their professional skills and gain experience as they prepare for the workforce.

Featuring: Internships, career conferences, professional development, workshops, competitions

Special programs

Each school district faces unique challenges. We aim to provide long-term, impactful solutions where possible through custom programming and resources.

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Digital Equity Initiative

​​Intuit expanded its Prosperity Hub School District program in FY21 through the launch of our Digital Equity Initiative to address students’ unequal access to technology and resources to support remote learning models during the pandemic. Through the Digital Equity Initiative, school districts received combined donations of $1.1 million that have been used to purchase devices like laptops and hotspots, as well as hire additional teaching staff and IT management. These grants were also used to support underrepresented minority students in the Toronto District School Board through their Centre for Black Student Excellence.

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Enabling entrepreneurship

Through direct and partner-driven programs, Intuit has developed entrepreneurship challenges and programs providing opportunities for students to learn real-world business skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. Intuit has recently partnered with Compton Unified School District to provide a food truck for their culinary arts program, enabling students to build a business using QuickBooks that builds economic prosperity in their community.

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Inspiring innovation

Intuit’s most recent Social Innovation Challenge engaged over 700 students and 82 educators and administrators from 78 schools in addition to more than 80 Intuit volunteers to leverage Design for Delight to develop an innovative solution that helps increase access to entrepreneurship and small business ownership for underrepresented groups.

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Preparing young professionals

Intuit brings job readiness programming to life through internships, career conferences and workshops for prosperity hub students. During these events, students receive hands-on professional experience through exploration of real-world scenario workshops and team building exercises. Intuit also offers scholarships to enable under-resourced students to achieve their high education goals.

Prosperity Hub School Districts

Learn more about our current Prosperity Hub School Districts and the current Intuit impact.

Baltimore City Public Schools

Baltimore, MD

Boise School District

Boise, ID

Compton Unified School District

Compton, CA

Dallas Independent School District

Dallas, TX

D.C. Public Schools

Washington, D.C.

East Side Union High School District

San Jose, CA

Greater Johnstown School District

Cambria County, PA

Inglewood Unified School District

Inglewood, CA

Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles, CA

New Orleans Public School District

New Orleans, LA

Oakland Unified School District

Oakland, CA

San Diego Unified School District

San Diego, CA

Tucson Unified School District

Tucson, AZ

Washoe County School District

Reno, NV

International School Districts

Canada, UK, Australia

Prosperity Hub School benefits

Direct support from Intuit teams

Intuit team members provide one on one guidance, annual planning, and regular correspondence to ensure your school districts is finding success with our job readiness tools and resources.

Funding contributions

Intuit contributes funding to our prosperity hub school districts to support their initiatives including technology purchases, program development, facility improvements, and more.

Free tools and resources

All of Intuit's job readiness tools and resources are complete free for educators and students including QuickBooks Online, TurboTax simulation, Mint, Financial Literacy Foundations, and Design for Delight Foundations.

Interactive workshops and events

Host in-person, virtual, or hybrid workshops with your students to develop financial, entrepreneurial, and durables skills that students can take with them into the workforce.

Join the Hub

At Intuit, we aim to bride the personal finance and durable skills education gap by empowering underserved and underrepresented students with the tools they need to succeed. Does your school district qualify for our Prosperity Hub School District program?

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75%+ of the students within your school district must belong to an underrepresented group including Black, Latinx/Hispanic, Asian American, Native American, Native Alaskan, or Native Hawaiian.

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Socio-economic status

75%+ of the students within your school district must qualify for the Free/Reduced Meals programs.

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Education level

Students eligible to participate in our programs should be at least 13 years old. Our programs typically benefit high schools students the most as they prepare for graduation and join the workforce.

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Empower your educators with real-world tools and resources for teaching financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and durable skills in your district classrooms, better preparing your students for their futures. Join the Prosperity Hub School District program today. Apply below.

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