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Using TurboTax to teach tax basics

Help students overcome the fear of Tax Day forever with our real-world tax simulation


Features and benefits

Use real-world tools that are relevant for students' futures

Build student confidence in completing taxes

Equip your students with easy-to-use and self-driven learning modules

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TurboTax simulation

Intuit is committed to helping students across the country work towards a more prosperous financial future by equipping them with the education they need to feel confident about their taxes. Through the Intuit TurboTax Simulation, we are helping students overcome the fear of Tax Day. You do not need to be an expert to teach taxes, and we recommend teaching to grade levels 9-12. 

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Student learning objectives:

  • Understand tax filing is something they’ll need to do in the future, and is a vital step towards financial independence.
  • Become familiar with the information needed to fill out basic tax forms down the road.
  • Learn the steps of the tax filing process.

Resources teachers can use today

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Professional development

Want to get trained in teaching TurboTax? Sign up for our hands on training or one of the webinars we host.