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Doing Our Part to Care For the Planet

Climate change severely impacts opportunities for communities, customers and employees to prosper. Intuit has made a decade-long commitment to positively impact the planet and create a better future for all.


Intuit’s 50x by 2030 Goal for Climate Action

We know that reducing our operational carbon emissions is not enough. Climate change is bigger than us, so we also asked ourselves how can we do more. We declared our commitment to reducing global carbon emissions by 2 million metric tonnes, 50 times our 2018 footprint, by the year 2030. Moving beyond our own organization, we are using our scale and resources to maximize our impact to be climate-positive by empowering our employees, customers and communities to join us in climate action.

In 2021, we committed to helping 1 million small businesses reduce their carbon emissions by 50% by 2030. We’ve brought together sustainable business solution providers to help small business owners reduce their impact on the environment. Visit our Climate Action Marketplace to learn more.

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Intuit is focused on making a positive impact on climate change – one of the most significant issues of our lifetime. Even if companies achieve the goal of reducing their carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, it will not be enough. At Intuit, our operations have been carbon neutral since 2015 and we’ve long been focused on decreasing our carbon footprint. Now, we are also committed to helping the planet beyond our own walls and scale positive impact.

Lara Balazs Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager, Strategic Partner Group, Intuit

The Impact


Metric Tonnes Reduced


Progress to Reach 50x our 2018 Footprint


Metric Tonnes Reduced


Progress to Reach 50x our 2018 Footprint

Renewable Electricity

100% Renewable Electricity 10yrs early
(Goal was by 2030)

Carbon Neutral

Since 2015

Helping Our Employees

We are dedicated to helping our 13,500+ employees find new ways to be more sustainable at work and at home. Intuit employees can now calculate their at-home carbon footprint and receive recommended solutions to reduce them. Additionally, we offer an annual $1,300 wellness benefit that can be used toward sustainability-related expenses, including home solar power, electric vehicles, electric bikes, energy efficiency improvements, water conservation solutions, composting systems and more.

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Helping Our Customers

As one of the leading companies for small business accounting, we’re helping to connect our customer base and network to solutions they want, but don’t have easy access. We apply our unique approach to problem-solving and innovation to create new sustainability solutions, especially for our small business customers, which make up half of the U.S. and global economy and are almost exclusively left out of the climate change solution equation. Through strategic partnerships, we leverage our platform to help small businesses, both customers and non-customers, make a measurable, positive impact on the environment starting with a commitment to carbon reduction. 

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Helping Communities Prosper

Intuit serves as a catalyst for scalable climate solutions worldwide that can make accelerated progress toward reducing global carbon emissions. We work within our Prosperity Hub communities and economically disadvantaged communities to find new sustainability solutions that lower emissions while improving their financial well-being. Through our education partnerships, we’ve helped train and empower hundreds of local students to solve climate related problems within their communities to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and create a positive social impact.

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The Importance of Partnerships

Creating solutions that solve for the long-term effects of climate change requires collaboration with strategic partnerships. We work with key partners across the education, financial and small business sectors to amplify our impact. Intuit is a founding member of Drawdown Labs (part of Project Drawdown), a coalition of leading companies committed to next-generation climate leadership that meets the moment of the climate crisis.

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Infographic: Intuit Climate Positive Strategy

Powering prosperity around the world includes taking care of our planet.

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Our Climate-Positive Commitment

We’re moving towards solutions that reverse the impact of climate change to take collective positive steps to save our planet. 

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Intuit Leads Climate-Positive Movement as Founding Member of Project Drawdown Labs

Corporate Responsibility Reports

These reports highlight our commitment to powering prosperity in the communities in which we work and live. Each annual Corporate Responsibility report is available below.