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Taxpayer Empowerment

Intuit is dedicated to providing the tools, insights and products that help people take control of their finances and live their lives their way. We give our customers financial empowerment. We advocate on their behalf. We help them budget, invest, save and, at tax time, receive every dollar they earned and deserve.

Core to financial empowerment is the individual being at the center of their financial life, engaged and empowered to accurately file their taxes, including filing completely free of charge. Intuit has for two decades provided free tax preparation and has helped taxpayers file more completely free tax returns than all other tax prep software companies combined, including 55 million taxpayers filing for $0 over the last 5 years.

TurboTax delivers free tax preparation through two options; IRS Free File delivered by TurboTax, the company’s offer as part of philanthropic efforts to support IRS Free File and Free File’s most used option; and TurboTax Free Edition, the company’s free tax prep offer for more than 50 million eligible simple filers and nation’s most used method for free tax preparation.

Intuit will continue to proudly stand with the American taxpayer and their financial empowerment, promoting options for ways taxpayers can file their taxes so they can find the product that best suits them and put the money they earned into their pocket.